Official Website of Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa. Information on accessibility for tourists visiting the city.

Donostia / San Sebastián, a comfortable city for people with functional diversity

If you are a person with physical functional diversity, rest assured, you can enjoy the attractions in Donostia / San Sebastián comfortably and easily thanks to the city's high level of physical accessibility.

playa ondarreta donosti
Photo of a person in a wheelchair in the port of San Sebastián.
panoramic views donosti
Panoramic views of Donostia / San Sebastián and La Concha Bay from Monte Igueldo.
Buen Pastor Cathedral donosti
Photo of Calle Loiola, with Buen Pastor Cathedral in the background, a pedestrianised and commercial street brimming with life.

The urban core of San Sebastián is flat on the whole, with generally broad, low pavements free of raised edges. Lifts are available in areas on different levels etc. Furthermore, the city offers a number of carparks for people with reduced mobility as well as adapted public bathrooms.

You can also get around easily on public transport: both the Dbus city bus network and the Lurraldebus intercity bus services, as well as the Euskotren train services have access ramps, reserved seats for people with reduced mobility, etc.

Furthermore, the Tourist Bus and the Tourist Train have a reserved seat for users in a wheelchair, and the city's taxi companies have adapted vehicles.

ondarreta beach donosti
Photo of Ondarreta beach with a path on the sand for baby buggies, wheelchairs, etc.

You can enjoy the 3 wonderful beaches within the city's urban core via the access ramps, paths on the sand and the assisted bathing system at La Concha beach, the second best beach in the world according to Travel & Leisure magazine and the best in Europe according to TripAdvisor.

panoramic views mount urgull donosti
Mount Urgull next to the Port and the Old Quarter of Donostia.
mount urgull donosti
Photo of a person in a motorised wheelchair on one of the paths on mount Urgull, the former military fortification.

The city's parks and green spaces are also accessible: mount Urgull (in summer city bus line Dbus 39, runs up to the top), Cristina Enea park and mount Ulia (Dbus line TB6, reservation required).

All new tourist infrastructure offers advanced levels of physical accessibility, in accordance with the Basque Government's demanding standards. (Act 20/1997 on Promoting Accessibility by the Basque Government, one of Spain's most demanding regulations.)

outside tourist information office donosti
Photo of the outside of the tourist information office on Boulevard 8.
inside tourist information office donosti
Photo of the inside of the tourist information office on Boulevard 8, with a double-height counter.

The Donostia tourist information office features accessibility solutions: customer counter adapted for people in wheelchairs, magnetic induction loop, braille guide, WhatsApp information service, etc.

Finally, video and auditive accessibility are improving all the time: there are accessible audio and visual services in urban public transport, the audio system at traffic lights in being improved, and new Navilens systems are being installed in infrastructure such as the Bus Station, etc.