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Euskotren's Amara train station, known as Easo station, is Donostia-San Sebastián's central station connecting the city to towns throughout the Basque Country and with Hendaye in France. It has a café.

General information

Calle Easo, 9. Donostia 20006 Gipuzkoa.

+34 943 333 333

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Accessibility information


There are bus stops next to the station with bus lines to various parts of the city:

  • Downtown and other areas of the city on DBUS lines 17, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 32, 36, 37, 46, B4.
  • Other municipalities near Donostia-San Sebastián on LURRALDEBUS lines: A1, A2, E08, T1 and T3

In front of the station entrance there is a taxi rank, loading and unloading area for vehicles, space for parking motorcycles and bicycles and a Dbizi stop (electric bicycle loan):

There are routes accessible to wheelchair users from bus stops and taxi ranks to Amara station.

For more information on buses and taxis, consult their respective fact sheets.

Parking spaces for PRM

  • There are reserved spaces in the streets surrounding the train station.
  • Vehicle access is from the side.

Users with the European Blue Parking Card for people with reduced mobility can park free of charge in the reserved spaces labelled for PRM. However, if you park in an OTA zone, they must pay tariff 2. Parking in residential areas is free of charge for a maximum of one hour.

For more information, see the On-street parking for PMR fact sheet.

Please note! The Easo underground car park has no reserved spaces.

For more information, please consult the Easo car park fact sheet.


  • 2 symmetrical ramps, 1 on each side of the entrance door. The ramps are 7m long and 1.7m wide with double handrails on both sides.
  • Automatic sliding door with visual signalling by means of vinyl.
  • The door clearance is 2m.
  • The turning radius inside and outside the door is 2m.

Getting around inside

  • The inside of the station is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • The flooring is hard, even and free of protrusions.
  • From the main entrance there is access to a large hall with ticket machines, information point, display boards high up with information on arrivals and departures and the door to the outside with the turnstiles that lead to the train platforms.
  • Three of the turnstiles are accessible to wheelchair users.
  • The entire area is on one level.

Information point

  • The information point is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Train schedules are posted on a wall.
  • There are two screens with information on train arrivals and departures.

Please note! The screens are positioned high up.

  • At the ticket machines there is an intercom to contact staff to help you buy a ticket.
  • The information is also on the Euskotren web and mobile app available for iOS (Download) and Android (Download).
  • For information about train and station accessibility throughout the Euskotren network: accessibility and tourism

Adapted toilets

  • There is a toilet reserved for PRM after the turnstiles on one side of the station.

Please note! It is not easy to find.

  • Access is via a ramp.
  • The door clearance is 0.80m. The stall measures 2.10m by 1.80m.
  • The turning radius inside the toilet is less than 1.50m.
  • The toilet has two folding bars.

Escort service

  • There is no escort service at Euskotren stations.
  • At Amara train station there is an information service that can help you.

Assistance dogs

All stations and vehicles are required to accept assistance dogs (guide, signal, medical alert, autism, service dogs for people with reduced mobility, etc.) free of charge in accordance with Law 10/2007, of 29 June on Assistance Dogs for the Care of Persons with Disabilities.

Available at:

Physical accessibility

The areas reserved for wheelchairs on Euskotren carriages are located in carriage R1 and in the middle of the train. How to access the train and ramp operation varies depending on the type of station.

With regard to Amara station specifically, wheelchair users can access trains ramp-free via the PRM door (middle of carriage), (Door A).

For information about train and station accessibility throughout the Euskotren network:

  • Amara station has 3 wheelchair accessible turnstiles.
  • There are adapted toilets behind the turnstiles.

Visual accessibility

The trains have a PA system on board that announces upcoming stops.

Please note! You need to press a button on the door to open most carriages. The doors usually do not open automatically.

Please note! The Euskotren app is not accessible to screen reader users (2019).

Hearing accessibility

The trains are equipped with flashing light signals above the train entry/exit doors. And on the outside, indicating the position of the doors.

The trains are also equipped with an intercom suitable for people with a hearing aid.