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Lurraldebus is the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council's intercity public bus service connecting towns through the province of Gipuzkoa as well as providing lines to the other Basque province capitals.

General information

Calle Easo, 74. Donostia 20006 Gipuzkoa.

+34 900 300 340

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The blind and wheelchair users are allowed a companion who travels free of charge. The companion should ask the driver for a companion ticket.

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Accessibility information

Information point

  • All bus stops have panels giving information on the lines and their schedules.
  • The information is also on the website:
  • And on the MUGI app for iOS (Download) and Android (Download).

Seats reserved for PRM

The number of seats on the buses used on Lurraldebus lines varies and some buses also accommodate standing passengers.

However, all buses have 4 seats reserved for people with reduced mobility and space for two wheelchairs, except vehicles with less than 30 seats total, which have 2 seats reserved for people with reduced mobility and space for one wheelchair.

With regard to long distance buses, although they all have space for two wheelchairs these seats may not be in operation. Therefore, to guarantee space for your wheelchair and to reduce waiting time, it is advisable to inform the bus operator in advance so they can prepare the bus.

Assistance dogs

Guide or assistance dogs (hearing dogs, assistants for people with physical disabilities, medical response or warning, autism...) travel free of charge with the person they are assisting.

All vehicles are required to accept assistance dogs (guide, signal, medical alert, autism, service dogs for people with reduced mobility, etc.) free of charge in accordance with Law 10/2007, of 29 June on Assistance Dogs for the Care of Persons with Disabilities.

Available at:

More information on accessible transport:

Physical accessibility

On long-distance lines, in order to guarantee their place, people travelling in wheelchairs should inform the operating company which line and time they wish to travel on. Simply buying a ticket is not enough.

If, having made a previous reservation, there is no space for a person travelling in a wheelchair the operating company must offer him/her an alternative means of transport.

Visual accessibility

  • The vehicles make announcements at stops, providing information on the line's route.
  • Stops are announced ("next stop") on board.

Hearing accessibility

The buses have screens that are used to inform about changes to the lines, special services or notices and which also announce the stops ("next stop").