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The Adif Donostia-San Sebastián Station, known as the North Station or Renfe Station, is the main station in Donostia-San Sebastián of the public transport network of trains that connect the city with various places in Spain. It is in the city centre, next to the bus station.

Please note! The station is closed due to upgrading work for the arrival of the high-speed train. It has been replaced by a temporary station.

The temporary station is on the other side of the train tracks, in the Plaza Nestor Basterretxea. It can be reached from the Egia neighbourhood, opposite the side entrance to the Tabakalera International Contemporary Cultural Centre.

Please note! You can also reach the temporary station from the Paseo de Francia, by crossing a pedestrian walkway over the train tracks, that has a lift.

General information

Plaza Nestor Basterretxea, s/n. Donostia/San Sebastián

+34 912 320 320 Information

+34 900 400 555 Assistance service

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Accessibility information


  • It can be reached by adapted public transport.
  • Numerous lines in the urban bus network, run by Dbus, link various parts of the city with areas close to the station.
    • In the Duque de Mandas street: lines 9, 41 and 42 have a stop, 110 metres from the station.
    • In Paseo de Francia: lines 45, 24, 17 and 37 have a stop, 110 metres from the station.
  • Information about lines and timetables: Dbus
  • Or on the Dbus app
  • There is a taxi rank 100 metres away in the Calle Duque de Mandas, opposite the Plaza Nestor Basterretxea.
  • The routes from the parking areas, the urban bus stops and the taxi rank, to the train station are wheelchair-accessible.

Parking spaces for PRM

    • In Duque de Mandas street, 140 metres from the station, there are PMR reserved parking spaces.
    • Holders of the European blue parking card can park in the spaces marked for PRM in the street free-of-charge for up to 24 hours.
    • They can also park in the OTA zone by paying rate 2.
    • There are public carparks nearby: Atotxa Car park, 290 metres away, and Geltokia Car Park, 70 metres away.
    • The public carparks have spaces reserved for PRM and are fee-paying.


  • The station is underground.
  • It has a main entrance with two doors: one opposite the Plaza Nestor Basterretxea
  • This is an automatic sliding door with a clear opening width of 2.50 m.
  • After the main doors there is a staircase and a ramp.
  • The ramp is 2 m wide and has 3 sections with the following lengths: 4,50 m, 4,50 m and 6 m, with 2 two-metre landings.

Please note! From the Paseo de Francia you can reach the station by crossing a pedestrian walkway over the train tracks. At both ends of the walkway there is a lift and some steps that, on one side, connect with the Paseo de Francia, and on the other, with the porches of the residential buildings located in the Paseo de Duque de Mandas, next to the Plaza Blas de Otero. From the Plaza Blas de Otero there are some steps and an access ramp to the Plaza Nestor Basterretxea.

      • The lifts are wheelchair-accessible. Dimensions: 140 cm by 160 cm with a clear opening door width of 90 cm. They have button panels in Braille and high-relief inside and visual and audible prompts giving the floor number.

Getting around inside

      • Wheelchair users can move around freely inside the station.
      • Hard, even floor surface.
      • From the entrance we come to a large hall where the ticket machines, information point, neon signs with information about train times, toilets, a small cafeteria and turnstiles are located.
      • Two of the turnstiles are wheelchair-accessible.
      • After going through the turnstiles, there are 2 staircases and 2 lifts, one for each platform.
      • The lifts are wheelchair-accessible. Dimensions: 140 cm by 160 cm with a clear door opening width of 100 cm.
      • The lifts have button panels in Braille and high-relief inside and outside, and have visual prompts giving the floor number.
      • There is a route indicated by tactile strips on the ground. This route runs from the main door to the start of the ramp and the steps; then, from the end of these up to one of the accessible turnstiles, and finally, from the accessible turnstile to the stairs and lifts that lead to the 2 platforms.
      • There are seats in the station and on the platforms.

Information point

      • The information point does not have a low counter.
      • There are signs with train timetables.
      • There are screens with information about train arrivals and departures.
      • There are ticket machines at the entrance next to the start of the ramp and the steps and in the station. All of them are wheelchair-accessible.
      • There is also information on the web site and on Renfe apps that are available for iOS and for Android.

Adapted toilets

      • There is a toilet reserved for people with reduced mobility and with disabilities.

Please note! You need to ask the staff in the customer service office for the key.

      • The door clearance is 0.90m.
      • The turning radius inside the toilet is 1.50m.
      • The lavatory has a moveable support rail on one of its sides.
      • The washbasin is wheelchair-accessible and has a mixer tap.

Assistance service

      • ADIF has a free care and assistance service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility – Assistance Service. It is for long-distance passengers who need any kind of help.
Please note! The service must be requested when you buy your ticket or at the very latest 48 hours before your journey.
Please note! It is available for medium and long-distance travel.
      • You can ask for this through any ticket purchasing channel and the Assistance Service app for iOS and Android.
      • People with hearing disabilities and/or speech difficulties can apply via the following link:
      • Find out more about the ADIF Assistance Service.

Assistance dogs

All stations and vehicles are required to accept assistance dogs (guide, signal, medical alert, autism, service dogs for people with reduced mobility, etc.) free of charge in accordance with Law 10/2007, of 29 June on Assistance Dogs for the Care of Persons with Disabilities.

Physical accessibility

      • The Estación del Norte has a toilet reserved for PRM.

Please note! You have to ask for the key.

      • There are 2 turnstiles that are wheelchair-accessible..
      • RENFE trains have reserved seats for people with reduced mobility and reserved spaces for wheelchair users.
      • Assistance service available on request.

Visual accessibility

  • The trains have a PA system on board that announces upcoming stops.

Please note! To enter most of the carriages you need to press a button on the door to make it open; the doors do not usually open automatically.

Please note! Most Renfe apps are partially accessible to screen reader users (2023).

      • The Renfe web site is partially accessible.
      • Assistance service available on request.
      • The free telephone 900 400 555 is a service associated with purchasing tickets and asking for the assistance service, intended for people who are visually impaired. It enables them to purchase, change or cancel tickets, and to ask for help in buying tickets.
      • The Renfe Assistance Service app is accessible to screen reader users.

Hearing accessibility

      • People who are hearing impaired and/or have speaking problems can contact Adif free-of-charge by texting the following link:
      • They can get information there about services at Adif station and on Renfe trains, and also ask for the assistance service.
      • Assistance service available on request.

Cognitive accessibility

  • Assistance service available on request.