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A 15-minute walk away from the city centre, this 4-star accommodation offers all of its guests a cinematic experience. This newly-built venue pays homage to the seventh art in each and every one of its rooms. Each hotel room is dedicated to a film star, actor or director who has visited the San Sebastian International Film Festival. One of the highlights is the Travolta room, fully accessible to people with reduced mobility and automated.

General information

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Accessibility information


  • It can be reached by adapted public transport.
  • The 17, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 32, 37 and 46 services from the urban bus network operated by Dbus have stops 15 m. from the venue.
  • The bus stops “Pio XII”, “Sancho el Sabio 35”, “Sancho el Sabio 28” and “Sancho el Sabio 33” are in front of the hotel.
  • The route between the stops and station and the hotel is barrier-free.
  • Information on services and schedules:
  • Or in Dbus app.
  • The nearest train station to the restaurant, operated by Euskotren is Estación Amara, 650 m away.

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobitlity

  • The hotel has its own car park.
  • In the car park there is one space marked for PRM. Dimensions: 6 m by 4 m.
  • About 25 m. distance, in the streets near the hotel, there are several parking spaces marked for PRM: Avenida Sancho el Sabio, Pedro Manuel Collado street and Sagrada Familia street.
  • The pedestrian route between the parking areas and the entrance to the hotel is barrier-free.


  • The hotel has one main entrance at ground level.
  • Access is via two automatic sliding doors with a clear opening width of 188 cm.

Information point

  • The main reception desk is double-height.
  • The lower area is 80 cm high and has an open area for wheelchair user access.
  • There is information on the website about the hotel and its services, and bookings can be made.


Getting around

  • The inside of the hotel is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Hard, non-slip flooring.
  • Wide passageways and hallways.
  • Seats in reception and hallways.
  • There are stairs and lifts.
  • There are 2 lifts.
  • The lifts are accessible to wheelchair users. Dimensions: 110 cm by 140 cm and with a clear opening width of 90 cm.
  • They have button panels in Braille and high relief inside and outside, and they have visual prompts giving the floor number.

Aseos adaptados

  • El hotel dispone de aseos comunes adaptados.
  • Los aseos comunes están en la zona de recepción.
  • Hay un aseo de mujeres y otro de hombres.
  • La puerta de acceso a la zona de aseos es manual con una zona libre de paso mayor de 87 cm de ancho
  • Las puertas de las cabinas de los aseos son correderas, con una zona libre de paso de 80 cm de ancho.
  • El inodoro del aseo de mujeres tiene una barra de apoyo fija.
  • El inodoro del aseo de hombres tiene barras de apoyo a ambos lados, una abatible y una fija.
  • El lavabo permite la aproximación a personas usuarias de silla de ruedas y el grifo es de sensor

Please note! There are no signs indicating where the toilet is.

Adapted room

  • There are 3 rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  • The rooms are on the first, second and third floors.
  • The doors are manual with a clear opening width of 83 cm.
  • There is accessibility around the room for wheelchair users.
  • One of the rooms is automated: the lights, doors, television and telephone are controlled by a remote control, the beds are adjustable and there is an electric hoist to facilitate transfers from the bed to the bathroom.
  • The bathroom for the 3 rooms is spacious, there is a sliding door, the shower is zero-entry, the washbasin is accessible and has a mixer tap, the mirror is tilted, the lavatory has support rails and there is a shower seat. The automated room also has support rails in the shower.


The hotel has a bar and restaurant.

  • There are 2 entrances: from the hotel or from the street.
  • The entrance from the hotel reception and from the street is on the level.
  • The door from the reception is manual with a clear opening width of 112 cm.
  • There are no barriers when moving around the area.
  • All the tables have a central leg.
  • The height between the bottom edge of the tables and the floor is 69 cm.
  • The menu is available via a QR code.
  • The menu offers information about allergens.


Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs (guide, signal, medical alert, autism, service dogs for people with reduced mobility, etc.) are admitted free of charge, in accordance with Law 10/2007, of 29 June, on Assistance Dogs for the Care of People with Disabilities.

Available at:

Physical accessibility

  • Adapted public toilets.
  • 3 adapted rooms
  • One of the rooms is automated: with electric hoist and automated control of doors and lights.
  • Private car park
  • Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility near the hotel.
  • Access and moving around inside the venue is barrier-free
  • Lifts accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Staff trained in serving people with disabilities.
  • Evacuation plan for people with reduced mobility.

Visual accessibility

  • Audible emergency alarm
  • Lifts with inside and outside button panel in Braille and high relief.
  • Staff trained in serving people with disabilities.

Hearing accessibility

  • No magnetic induction loop or staff with knowledge of Spanish sign language.
  • Staff trained in serving people with disabilities.