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Summer is coming around, and pleasant temperatures beckon us to take a dip. La Concha Beach is one of Donostia's leading ambassadors and it is calling on both visitors and locals alike to dive into the sea around it, with two services to assist people with disabilities, the elderly or those with reduced mobility.


The DENUR 2024 programme organised by the Hegalak Zabalik Foundation is a unique opportunity for people with functional diversity to take a dip in the iconic La Concha bay, in San Sebastián. This free service, available from 1 July to 2 August from 11:30 h to 17:00 h Monday to Friday, public holidays included, has been created to assist people with disabilities, giving them access to the sea using the Hegalak sports centre's infrastructures and a professional team with experience in water and care for the disabled.

Playa Concha, baño sin barreras
Mugikortasun arazoak dituzten pertsonak, Kontxako hondartzan, itsasoan bainura "ibilgailu anfibioa" erabiliz sartzen direnak

The purpose of the programme is to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their capacities, can enjoy the sea. In 2023 the programme notched up a record 325 bathing sessions by 135 users, and even more are expected in 2024. DENUR also gives families and carers a "breathing space", allowing them to rest while their loved ones have fun in the water in a safe, specially adapted environment.

The service includes technical assistance, trained volunteers, transfer hoists, bathing buggies and other specific beach mobility accessories. In bad weather, bathing is transferred to the Hegalak Sports Centre swimming pool, which has special-access facilities.

Disfrutando del baño
Mugitzeko arazoak dituen gizona, "ibilgailu anfibioarekin" bainatzen.
Disfrutando del baño
Adineko gizona uretan dabil aparrezko flotagailuak erabiliz Kontxako hondartzan.

Those interested in the service must book a prior appointment by phone and/or e-mail. Priority is given to those who have not already used the service, thereby ensuring that everyone has a chance to enjoy the experience. The community is also being encouraged to volunteer for the scheme, helping to create a more inclusive environment and raising awareness of functional diversity.

With this project Donostia is consolidating its commitment to inclusion, encouraging everyone to enjoy its beautiful beaches, barrier-free.

For further information and bookings:

+34 688 662 984

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Assistance in the sea

This public service run by Donostia San Sebastián Town Hall provides beach access for people with reduced mobility, using an "amphibious vehicle". With the assistance of one or two instructors, it provides mobility either on the beach or in the water.

More information:  Escort service: assisted bathing and barrier-free bathing/strong>

Playa Concha, baño sin barreras
Woman bathing on La Concha beach with an "amphibious vehicle" assisted by qualified staff and volunteers