Official Website of Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa. Information on accessibility for tourists visiting the city.

San Sebastián, well known for its abundance of culture and natural beauty, is bolstering its offer of access-friendly tourism, making it a key tool to welcome all those wishing to explore the city.

In a bid to move forward on this commitment, Donostia Turismoa has launched some new promotional material designed to inspire and also to guide visitors. This has a range of features from a specific accessible web to audiovisual sections showing a large number of plans. The Tourist Office is availing itself of these resources to ensure that anyone visiting San Sebastián, irrespective of their accessibility requirements, can enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Centro de San Sebastián
Two women walking through the center of San Sebastián with the Kursaal building in the background.

In making this effort, Donostia Turismoa is demonstrating its firm resolve to not only improve accessibility, but also to embellish the experiences of all visitors, by providing inclusive access to the charm of this emblematic city.

The web platform is a testimony to San Sebastián's commitment to inclusivity and universal hospitality. From the outset, the main goal of the project was to make information on the city's accessibility comprehensible to one and all. The new website is a comprehensive tool covering all necessary aspects of planning an accessible trip to the pearl of the Cantabrian Sea.

Functional Features and Resources

The web is browse-friendly and has an intuitive design, to ensure that users can rapidly locate the information they need. The main resources include the following:

A Commitment to Accessibility

This website was designed for a broader commitment to accessibility, spearheaded by the city's Tourist Office. The city understands that accessibility is not only a necessity for many, but also an improvement for one and all. This philosophy may be observed in every part of the website, from contents to design.

Pareja sordomuda sentada hablando
Two people talking, using sign language, sitting on the lawn of the Miramar Palace overlooking the Bahía de la Concha.
Disfrutando en una sidrería
Two men, in wheelchairs, in a cider house drinking a txotx in the kupelas area.