Official Website of Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa. Information on accessibility for tourists visiting the city.


This car park is next to La Concha beach. Ideal for visiting the city centre, the Paseo de la Concha, the beach, the Hegalak Sports Centre, the La Perla Thalassotherapy, etc. The Boulevard and Old Town are only a few minutes' walk.

General information

Plaza de Cervantes, S/N. 20004 Donostia.

+34 943 297 103

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Opening hours: 24 hours.


Maximum height: 2.20m.

Accessibility information


  • A few minutes walk away is the Boulevard, where there are numerous Dbus bus stops and a taxi rank.
  • Also just a few metres away is the bust stop for Hotel Londres and the taxi rank on Avenida de la Libertad.
  • The bus stops all have information panels detailing routes and schedules.
  • For more information, see the City bus network and the taxis fact sheets.
  • The routes from the car park to the different bus and taxi stops are accessible to wheelchair users.


The car park is located on floors -1, -2 and -3.

  • It has 3 pedestrian entrances, all with elevator and stairs.
  • All of the entrances on all floors have 2 fire doors which are open at all times.
  • The door clearance is 0.90m.
  • The turning radius inside and outside the doors is over 1.50m.
  • Route accessible to wheelchair users.


There are 3 identical elevators.

  • The elevators are 1.40m by 1.40m.
  • The elevator door clearance is 0.90m.
  • Inside the elevator, the panel of buttons is 1.20m from the floor and features Braille and high relief.
  • It has a mirror.

PRM spaces

There are 18 PRM spaces.

  • They are all next to the elevators at the pedestrian entrances.
  • Dimensions.
    • Entrance Calle Andia: 2 spaces of 3.80m by 5.0m.
    • Entrance Avenida: 8 spaces of 3.60m by 5.0m.
    • Entrance Playa: 8 spaces of over 3.60m by 5.10m.
  • The PRM spaces are identified on the floor and with a blue light.
  • Vehicles are accessed from the rear.
  • In some cases there are pillars that obstruct access.

PRM spaces cannot be reserved.

Information point

  • Car park payment machines accessible to wheelchair users.
  • The information point is on floor -1, next to the accessible main entrance.
  • There are price lists next to the machines.
  • There is an intercom in the machines.

Adapted public toilets

There is one adapted public toilet for men and one for women. Located on floor -1 next to the main entrance. The stall is 1.52m by 2.34m.

  • The doorway clearance is 0.90m.
  • They have grab bars, one fixed and one folding.
  • You will need your parking badge to access them.