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Silken Amara Plaza Hotel is located near the city entrance city, 1.5 km from La Concha beach.

This 4-star hotel, designed by prestigious architect Peña Ganchegi, has 162 rooms. In addition to accommodation, it offers the following services and facilities: La Ola bar, Plaza restaurant, cafe, buffet breakfast, car park with direct access to the hotel, library area, small gym and several modular rooms for events and celebrations.

General information

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Accessibility information


  • It can be reached by adapted public transport.
  • The 17, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 32, 37 and 46 services from the urban bus network operated by Dbus have stops 100 m from the hotel.
  • The nearest bus stops to the hotel are “Pio XII”, “Sancho el Sabio 35”, “Sancho el Sabio 11”, “Sancho el Sabio 28”, “Sancho el Sabio 33” and “P.M. Collado”.
  • The pedestrian route between the bus stops and the main entrance to the hotel is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Information on services and schedules:
  • Or in Dbus app.
  • The nearest railway station to the hotel, operated by Euskotren, is the Estación Amara, 800 m away.

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility

  • The hotel has 60 parking spaces reserved for its guests in an underground public car park.
  • In the underground car park, there is a lift with direct access to the hotel.

Please note! Access to the hotel from the car park is via a door on floors -2 and -3. You have to ring the bell or use the key.

  • There are 2 spaces marked for PRM in the car park: one on floor -2 and the other on floor -3. Dimensions: 4.20 m by 3.50 m.
  • There are spaces marked for PRM in the street, 100 m away from the hotel: Avenida Sancho el Sabio.
  • The route between the car parks and the entrance to the hotel is barrier-free.


  • The hotel has one main entrance.
  • It can also be accessed from the underground car park, the bar or the restaurant.
  • The main entrance is on ground level.
  • There is an automatic revolving door.

Please note! The speed of the revolving door cannot be adjusted.

On either side of the revolving door there are manual doors with a clear opening width of 92 cm.

Information point

  • The main reception desk is not accessible to wheelchair users.
  • There is information on the website about the hotel and its services, and bookings can be made.


Getting around

  • The inside of the hotel is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Hard, non-slip flooring.
  • Wide, well lit passageways and entrance halls.
  • Seats in the entrance hall, on the first floor next to the breakfast area and on floor -1 next to the function rooms.
  • There are stairs and a lift.
  • The lift is accessible for wheelchair users. Dimensions: 130 cm by 140 cm and with a clear opening width of 77 cm in the doorway. They have a button panel in Braille, contrast and high relief inside and outside, and they have visual prompts giving the floor number.


Adapted toilets

  • The hotel has adapted public toilets.
  • There is a unisex adapted toilet on floor -1
  • The door is manual with a clear opening width of 78 cm.
  • The lavatory has a movable support rail.
  • The washbasin is accessible to wheelchair users.

Adapted room

  • There are 6 rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  • The rooms are located on the first, second and third floors.
  • The doors are manual with a clear opening width of 80 cm.
  • Wheelchair users can mover freely around the room.
  • The bathroom in each of the 6 rooms is spacious, there is a sliding door, the shower is zero-entry and has support rails and a movable stool, the washbasin is accessible and has a mixer tap, the mirror is tilted, and the lavatory has support rails on either side, one fixed and one movable.


  • The hotel has a bar-cafe, a restaurant and a breakfast area.
  • The bar and the restaurant are also open to the general public.
  • The bar has two entrances: one from reception and one from the street.
  • Access from the street to the bar is through a manual door with a clear opening width of 90 cm.
  • Access from the street to the restaurant is through 2 doors one after the other. The first one is manual with a clear opening width of 75 cm and the second one is an automatic sliding door with a clear opening width of 220 cm.
  • The entrances to the bar and the restaurant from reception are at ground level.
  • Between the bar and the restaurant there is a door with a clear opening width of 80 cm.
  • Moving around is partially free from barriers.

Please note! In the restaurant there is a table area that can only be accessed by 3 steps.

  • The breakfast area is exclusively for guests. It is on the 1st floor.
  • The entrance door has a clear opening width of 135 cm..
  • Wheelchair users can move around freely.
  • In the restaurant and in the breakfast area, the tables have a central leg and the height between the bottom edge of the tables and the floor is 73 cm and for the buffet table it is 86 cm.
  • In the bar there are different styles of tables and chairs.
  • The menu is available via a QR code.
  • The menu offers information about allergens.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs (guide, signal, medical alert, autism, service dogs for people with reduced mobility, etc.) are admitted free of charge, in accordance with Law 10/2007, of 29 June, on Assistance Dogs for the Care of People with Disabilities.

Available at:

Physical accessibility

  • Adapted public toilets.

Please note! the only adapted public toilet is on floor -1.

  • 6 adapted rooms
  • Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility near the hotel.
  • Access and moving around inside the venue is barrier-free

Please note! Access to the upper table area in the restaurant is via 3 steps.

  • Lift accessible to wheelchair users

Visual accessibility

  • Audible emergency alarm
  • Lift with button panel in Braille, and high relief.
  • Magnifying glass available on request in the restaurant-cafe.

Hearing accessibility

  • Visual emergency alarm.
  • No magnetic induction loop or staff with knowledge of Spanish sign language.