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The Kursaal car park is located in the Gros district by Zurriola Beach, just a few minutes' walk from the centre and the Old Town. It has direct access to the Kursaal Congress Centre. Its website offers a choice of subscriptions: weekend, daytime, nighttime, 24H, etc.

General information

Zurriola hiribidea, 1. Donostia 20002 Gipuzkoa.

+34 943 326 815

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours: 24 hours


Information on subscriptions at

Maximum height: 2m

Accessibility information


  • Several Dbus city bus lines stop close to the car park.
  • The bus stops all have information panels detailing routes and schedules.
  • For more information, see the City bus network and the taxis fact sheets.
  • You can also download the App "Voypark" for iOS (Download) and Android (Download), to reserve a parking space. Vehicles enter and exit using a QR code or a scanner that recognises licence plates.


The public car park is located on floor -3.

  • The pedestrian entrance has stairs or elevators.
  • The main entrance has two manual doors which are always open.
  • The doorway clearance is 1.60m.
  • The turning radius inside and outside the doors is over 1.50m.
  • Route accessible to wheelchair users.


There are two identical elevators.

  • The elevators are 1.50m by 1.50m.
  • The elevator door clearance is 0.90m.
  • Inside the elevator, the panel of buttons is 1.20m from the floor and features Braille and high relief.

PRM spaces

There are 6 spaces reserved for PRM.

    • 4 spaces are close to the pedestrian entrance.

Please note! There are two spaces further away from the pedestrian entrance. They are poorly signposted and not very visible.

  • Dimensions. Next to the pedestrian entrance there are:
    • 2 spaces of 2.6m by 4.4m.
    • 1 space of 3.5m by 5.85m.
    • 1 space of 3.2m by 4.5m.
  • Dimensions. There are more spaces farther from the pedestrian entrance:
    • 1 space of 2.5m by 6.1m.
    • 1 space of 2.6m by 6.2m.

The 4 spaces located near the transport hub are accessible to wheelchair users via the rear of their vehicles. The 2 more distant spaces offer vehicle access from the side or rear although pillars obstruct access.

Information point

  • Car park payment machines accessible to wheelchair users.
  • There are price lists next to the machines.
  • The checkpoint, located next to the exit barrier, is not visible.
  • The machines are equipped with an intercom to contact staff to come and assist you.

Adapted toilet

There are adapted public toilets. The stall is 2.0m by 1.9m.

  • The door clearance is 0.90m.
  • It has two grab bars, one fixed and one folding.
  • To access it you must contact the information point through an intercom that is located next to the adapted toilet.