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On the hillside of Mount Igueldo, in a privileged setting with views over the sea, lies the Akelarre Restaurant run by chef Pedro Subijana. A restaurant which, after boasting two Michelin stars for 25 years, was awarded its third Michelin star in 2007.

In addition, in 2017, with the aim of offering his customers a complete experience, Subijana decided to open a luxury spa hotel next to the restaurant, as well as a new bar and restaurant with extensive terraces.

Akelarre Restaurant offers its customers three different menus, one with a more traditional approach and the others with more innovative proposals, so that you can enjoy haute cuisine with all of your senses. The menus are priced at around €240 euros.

General information

Padre Orkolaga, 56 (Igeldo). San Sebastián 20008 Gipuzkoa.


+34 943 311 209

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Logo Restaurante Akelarre

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Accessibility information


  • It can be reached by adapted public transport.
  • The 16 service from the urban bus network operated by Dbus has stops near the venue.
  • The bus stop is called ‘Meteorologikoa PO.44’ and it is 350 m from the restaurant.
  • Information on services and schedules:
  • Or in Dbus app.

Please note! The pedestrian route between the bus stop and the restaurant is a main road running uphill, and the restaurant does not recommend using it, especially at night.

Parking spaces for people with reduced movibility

  • The restaurant has a private car park.
  • The route between the car park and the entrance is barrier-free.


  • The building has one main entrance
  • There are steps and a ramp for accessing the building.
  • The ramp is accessible for wheelchair users. Width: 1.80 m, length: 6 m and gradient: 5%
  • There are 2 automatic sliding doors with a clear opening width of 2 m.

Please note! the doors are made of glass and the second one has no safety stickers.

  • Inside the building, access to the restaurant is via 3 steps. The venue has a mobile ramp for wheelchair users.

Information point

  • There is information on the website about the restaurant and menus, and bookings can be made.
  • The menu is available via a QR code.

Getting around

  • Hard, non-slip flooring.
  • The lighting is suitable.
  • Inside the restaurant, the tables in the area on the right are on the same level.
  • Access to the area with sea views is via some steps. The restaurant has a mobile ramp for wheelchair users.

Please note! The central area of the restaurant is not accessible for wheelchair users. It has a narrow stairway.

  • The height between the bottom edge of the tables and the floor is 67 cm for the square tables and 77 cm for the round tables.

Adapted toilets

  • There is a gender-neutral adapted toilet on the main floor between the reception and the restaurant.
  • The clear opening width of the doors is 86 cm. The door to the toilet is manual, and the cubicle has a sliding door.
  • The lavatory has support rails on either side, one fixed and one movable.
  • The washbasin is accessible for wheelchair users.
  • The mirror reaches the floor.

Please note! There are no signs indicating where the toilet is.


  • The menu is adapted to suit customers' requirements.
  • The menu offers information about allergens.
  • Coeliac, vegetarian, vegan options, etc.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs (guide, signal, medical alert, autism, service dogs for people with reduced mobility, etc.) are admitted free of charge, in accordance with Law 10/2007, of 29 June, on Assistance Dogs for the Care of People with Disabilities.

Available at:

Physical accessibility

  • Adapted toilets.
  • Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility at the venue.

Please note! The entrance has 3 steps, there is a mobile ramp for wheelchair users.

Please note! wheelchair users can access the area with views via a mobile ramp.

Please note! Wheelchair users cannot access the central area of the restaurant because there is a narrow stairway and the mobile ramp does not fit.

  • Staff trained in serving people with disabilities.

Visual accessibility

  • Information on the website.
  • Menu available via a QR code.
  • Staff trained in serving people with disabilities.

Hearing accessibility

  • No magnetic induction loop or staff with knowledge of Spanish sign language.
  • Staff trained in serving people with disabilities.